Going for Visual Impact!

Concise, polished, creative visuals = strong, successful communication.

Rosie Augustine has an impressive track record with a wide gamut of clients, from start up businesses to established corporations, and she continues to work with clients near and far. Covering all avenues of design requests from marketing and promotional work to high end invitations and even billboards — it's obvious that attention to detail, smartly creative thinking and a sense for current and classic approaches come into play according to client goals. 



It helps, I believe, to insert a bit of humor when possible. From a very young age my mission was to make my Dad laugh. He'd usually come home from work very grumpy and I'd persist with my antics until I got a chuckle out of him. 

That same persistence continues today - especially when it comes to Art and Design. This means that the best creative solutions are the standard at Rosie Augustine Art.

Persistence in honor of my Dad. I miss making him laugh.