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... all paths pointed to digital technologies.

Eventually I set aside my brushes and paints to transition into the medium of Digital Fine Art. The transition was hastened by the encouragement of my peers to start showing my work. As I started to apply to art shows I found limitations attached to the Digital Art category. In fact many shows didn't even acknowledge it, but I made it into the Mixed Media category.


Despite the obstacles things took off pretty fast due to a highly positive response at the art shows. I found I could talk through the "digital barrier" that was the early perception of digital art not being real art. People became fascinated with my explanation of how the pen & tablet opens up more tools, brushes, pencils, pens, palettes, techniques and medium combos than I could ever have hoped for. Plus the ability to work in layersoften up to 200 – allows infinite flexibility to create, mix, rework and explore till the ends of the earth!


Digital painting is certainly not for every artist – and I will emphasize that my biggest asset was my strength and foundation in traditional art. Without that there would be little merit behind my digital scope.


Happily, recent years have shown considerable acceptance of this medium allowing the power of pixels to gain respect.


My basic philosophy of art is that viewers will see what they see... and will love - or not. Perfectly acceptable.

I'd love to hear your comments – however you feel – so send me a note. Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Rosie

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