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about the birds


I'm not so much a bird person.

More of a dog, cat, horse person.

But I've become increasingly fascinated with birds as subjects featured in my art.

You'll see this bluebird, part crow, part blackbird, showing up on occassion.

And this compelling white bird is the focus of a couple of paintings created whilst in Hawaii. This Red-Footed Booby Bird is a native of Kauai and Oahu. I haven't yet seen one in real life.

I wonder how they got that name...

Are they blessed with a superior bosom...

Do they set traps for unsuspecting tourists...

Perhaps they are prone to blunders...

Of course if I am ever fortunate enough to converse with one I shall ask.

By the way, they never wear shoes - neither would I if I had feet of such a fabulous hue.

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