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Random infoMany many years ago IZAL TP (horrible stuff) was a useful substitute for tracing paper used by little budding artists (like me) in Scotland. It could also be folded over a comb and used like a kazoo - I kid you not.

ALSO if you're curious about the BIRDS that sometimes show up in my art...

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From Traditional to Digital
My schooling as a traditional artist is the foundation of my beginnings as a working artist. A career path eventually guided me into the world of digital creativity and now I draw and paint almost always using a tablet and trusty mac. 

Working in 100 or more layers I am able to focus on each element of a painting and revisit it at any point in the development of the whole piece.

It's as if the paint never dries! I'm frequently asked "how do you do that!"


A Bit About My Journey

It was my single ambition to be an artist... that plus trying to make my Dad laugh - a habit that still surfaces in my art today.  After completing art school in Edinburgh, Scotland I entered a career in graphic design and advertising. A couple of years later I left Scotland behind to land in Portland, Oregon - the launch point of an intense 12 year entrepreneurial adventure as co-founder/art director of three start-up businesses developing children's reading and creativity products.

Those years of diversified experiences are the essence of my art today. Inspiration comes from something noticed sometime, someplace and is stored in my head until it surfaces as inspiration. A starting point can be tiny but will expand through twists and turns, igniting thoughts and elements which become one chorus to take on real form and shape.

I'm truly fortunate to be able to do what I love. There's huge joy in seeing visitors to my shows enjoy my art, and even more so when my work finds a new home. I love that!


Philosophy: Art is of course subjective... and whatever draws your eye to my work is appreciated - whether you love it or not.


One Sees What One Sees!

Cheers, Rosie

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